Monday, March 24, 2014

Motivated Mondays - I belong here

Sorry for the complete lack of posting lack week - I had the stomach flu and it was a bad one! I pretty much spent the past week lying on the couch complaining, whining and sleeping (my husband is one lucky man! haha).

But I did drag myself to a posing class on Saturday. With the Texas Shredder only 3 weeks out, I had no time to waste in terms of getting my posing down. Posing can make the difference between placing and not - a well done pose highlights your strengths and limits your weaknesses. It also exudes confidence and poise, both factors in the judging of the bikini division in the NPC. I felt terrible on Saturday, my stomach was like a rock I was so bloated and I just wanted to sleep but frankly, there wasn't time!

And boy was I glad I went to posing. Aside from giving me way more confidence in my posing, it also showed me that I belong here. I train as hard as the other girls, I manage my diet as strictly as the other girls and standing there with some of the other girls posing, I may not win, but I know I've earned my right to be on stage with these awesome ladies.

This is my new mantra - I belong here. I've been psyching myself out too much lately looking at Instragram pics and Internet pics of great looking fitness and bikini models and I started feeling like I had no business being in a bikini competition. It's hard to view yourself objectively and of course the people around you can tell you that you look great and that you're stage ready, but you have to find that in yourself. I felt so encourage by the other women at the posing class - we're all at different stages of fitness by the camaraderie is real. Despite being in a room full of women doing everything they can to look their very best, these were the most supportive, welcoming and kind women I've met. And as I looked around, I realized I belong here. So next time you're feeling like you got into something too big or too hard, do the work and trust yourself - you belong here!

(some changes - still got some work to do!)

How do you pump yourself up?

What do you do that messes with your head? Do you look at Instagram and feel intimidated?

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