Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Things I Love

I wanted to do a post about health products that I love and hopefully have others post about fitness products or healthy food they love so we can all learn a bit more about what's out there.  I don't get any of this stuff for free or anything...I wish I did, this blog is nowhere near that big (yet!).  They're just things that I use and love.  (click on the pictures for links to these products)

Nike Tech Women's Running Capris - I seriously love these pants.  I was loyal to another brand (guess which one...hint: I'm from Vancouver) forever but they kept changing the style of their running pants and I never knew which ones I wanted.  I stayed with them anyway because I had them and I liked them but for the Tough Mudder, my good friend Atina and I wanted cheaper running pants that we wouldn't care if we ruined. Well we got these ones and honestly, I ended up loving them so much that I used my other brand's pants for the Tough Mudder and kept these ones clean!  Now I am hooked - they fit perfectly, hold their shape even if you dry them and the cut is super flattering!

LuluLemon TataTamer - I may not be in love with their running pants (in case you hadn't figured out which brand I switched from in the pants category) but I adore their bras.  I have a weird bra size, 30D but I can use 32D which is good cause nobody makes 30D!  Anyway, this means that I have a tiny rib cage and biggish boobs for my size.  I hate my boobs jiggling at all when I work out and I want to prevent saggy boobs.  I routinely wear two bras when I work out cause I am so obsessive.  The TataTamer is the first bra that holds the boobs in place, doesn't totally give you uni-boob and is super comfortable.  I sometimes still wear two bras but that's cause I am little crazy.  The TataTamer is awesome! Seriously, go try one - don't be shocked, the price is kind of high but honestly, the ladies are worth it and these last forever!

LuluLemon Shirts - So you can see I am still pretty loyal to Lulu! I LOVE their shirts - from the scuba hoodie to the run: swiftly tech long sleeve to the cool racerback.  They rock! They last forever, they're pre-shrunk and they are always coming out with fun new colors and styles to try.

Artisana Coconut Butter - coconut has been making a comeback for awhile now and for good reason.  It's delicious, high fibre, low carb and a source of medium chained triglycerides, which are easy for the body to absorb and may help in weight loss.  I love coconut butter in place of butter on things like toast or popcorn.  I also love it mixed with peanut butter to dip apples in.  I love it mixed in with yogurt to make a sweet treat.  I just love it.  And my body feels great when I eat it and in general, I find the more healthy fat I eat, the more my body is willing to let go the fat it's holding.  So try it!

Optimum Nutrition Protein - I personally use their regular line of whey but they also make hydrolyzed whey and all natural whey.  I like their whey and their casein because they nutritional profile works for me - low calorie, low carb and lots of protein.  The price point is good and the flavors I've tried (Vanilla Ice Cream in the whey protein and Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Cake Batter, and Vanilla in the casein) were all good.

About Time Whey Protein - ok, I admit, I really like protein powder! I think it actually tastes pretty good, it's a great way to get extra protein in without tons of calories and it's exactly what my body needs after a tough workout.  But because I have it all the time, I get sick of the flavor and generally I've found if you go with the crazier flavors, they taste horrible and super fake.  About Time has changed that.  I've tried the Vanilla, the Peanut Butter and the Birthday Cake and they are all good and taste like what they say they will taste like.  About Time also has my favorite nutritional profile - 103 calories, 0g of carbs and 25g of protein.  That's a great line up AND it's all natural.  I mean come on...that's awesome. (Disclaimer - I am a rep for About Time, see my side panel for links to their site and a promo code)

Quest Protein Bars - I try not to eat too many protein bars because so many are filled with crap: sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives and so on.  And they often taste gross.  I prefer to make my own. But for ease of portability and convenience  I do use protein bars some times.  And Quest has done a phenomenal job with their protein bars - high protein, no or low sugar, all natural stevia and they are delicious.  Seriously delicious.  When I have them in the house, I have to stop myself from just going to town on them, they are that good!

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Woman - my husband started taking the men's version of these multi-vitamins so I tried the women's version and really liked them.  They have way more than the RDA for most vitamins and if you're training hard and restricting calories, your body could probably use the extra nutrients.  And like all good women's multis, it has folic acid - which is highly recommended for all women of child-bearing age even if you aren't planning on getting pregnant.  These vitamins are pricier than some brands available at grocery and drug stores but they aren't insanely expensive and they are well worth it!

So there you have just a few things that I use daily.  I've tried lots of products and I am always open to trying new products that might work better.  I think we always have to stay on top of our own health and be aware that as your body changes, your nutritional needs might too.  I love hearing what other clothes people are working out in and what other people are eating so please post in the comments about products you love!

What products do you use?

Why do you like them?

Any great products I should know about?

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