Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to support a dieter

Ok, you know I'm not a big fan of diets. I'm all about healthy ways of life, not restricted eating. But sometimes certain goals or issues result in needing to be very restricted with your eating.

Competing in a bikini competition is definitely one of the times you need to diet restrictively. 

When someone you know is dieting, here's how you can help:

1) Unless they've asked you to hold them accountable, don't ever say things like "should you be eating that?" - you don't know what their caloric or macro goals are and you don't know what else they've done/eaten that day. 

2) If you invite them for dinner, ask what restrictions they have. Don't be offended if they say it would be easier just bring their own food - you wanted to see the person right? Who cares what they're eating!

3) Understand that something can be totally healthy but still not fit in someone's diet. Don't act like you know better. 

4) If the person is struggling, don't eat their favorite off limits food in front of them. That's rude. 

5) Don't act like their restrictions are a huge issue for you. Eat how you want - just understand they may need to eat differently or not be around while you eat that. 

6) Don't make assumptions about what they can or can't eat or where they can eat. If you want to see the person, invite them. Let the dieter determine if this is something they can make work (and us competitors are amazingly good at ordering restaurant food in a way that fits our plans!)

This sounds so restrictive and this type of eating is not "for life" eating. It's "reach a specific goal" eating. And it's tough. But you can make it easier on your friends and family by sharing what you can and can't eat (if you're the dieter) and by respecting what others are eating/not eating (if you're the supporter). 

How do you support others?

What's the best way for someone to support you? 

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