Monday, May 12, 2014

Motivated Monday - Every Day is a New Day!

Yesterday I ate pretty well, then ate a bunch of candy at night. After flying all day I was exhausted and I should have gone to sleep right after I finished my dinner (which was already at 1:30am!) but instead, I watched some TV and that led to some mindless eating. I felt binge-y tendencies happening again and I ended up feeling so badly about myself, convinced I was going to wake up 10lbs heavier! I felt like a failure.

When I woke up, I immediately hit some fasted cardio, ate a healthy breakfast and then headed back for round 2 at the gym (I had 2 rounds planned today regardless, it wasn't some crazy punishment or anything for eating unhealthy) and decided to weigh myself while I was down there for a reality check. Well, I was actually down 1.5lbs! That's not to say I lost weight by eating candy but it was a good reminder that one meal doesn't make you fat anymore than one workout makes you skinny! Health and fitness is a life long journey and for people, like me, who have struggled with disordered eating, this is a very important lesson to learn. You don't have to be perfect all the time. Consistency over time is what matters. And not beating yourself up - that matters a lot! Oh, and those extra calories and carbs resulted in a kickass workout!

So next time you have a meal that doesn't go exactly as planned, track it, accept it, acknowledge it and move the heck on! What you do day in and day out matters way more than what you do once in a while!

Do you struggle with disordered eating?

What is your strategy after over eating?

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