Monday, May 19, 2014

Motivated Monday - new goals

After accomplishing my first major goal for the year (the fitness competition), I wasn't too sure what I wanted to do next. I knew more shows were in my future but I didn't want to rush into the next thing. I wanted to take some time to let my body get used to a lower body fat, enjoy some unplanned meals with my husband and work slowly towards lowering my body fat further so that I can do better in my next show.

I have two shows on the horizon but both aren't until November (and I am still waiting on whether or not I will be eligible for one of the shows due to residency requirements) and although I may end up doing another show before then, I needed something in the interim to stay focused on.

After a weekend of overeating crappy, unhealthy food, my training buddy and good friend Carla texted me about the BPI Best Self contest through It was just the kick I needed. So I submitted my before pictures last night (good timing, cause I was puffy from too much junk food) and today I got back on contest prep style eating. I am still working on recovering my metabolism from years of dieting so I will still be slowly increasing my carbs and calories but will be focusing on losing a bit more while I do that. Hard workouts and planned meals are once again a big part of my life and frankly, I missed it! I missed the consistency and the dedication and this contest is the perfect challenge to keep me focused through the summer without the pressure of a show looming.

Here's my #BPIBestSelf before picture:

Stay tuned for 6 weeks of big changes!

What are your current goals?

Do you participate in challenges like this?

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