Thursday, May 29, 2014

Think About It Thursday - The danger of being comfortable

Ok, confession time! I gained exactly zero pounds post-show while I was in Canada flying. In fact, I actually lost another 4lbs! But since getting back home to TX, I have been WAY too comfortable and relaxed with my diet. Yes I needed a mental break but no, I did not need to eat every carb in sight for two weeks. So now, I sit here, almost 10lbs up from my show weight and even though I KNOW that's mostly water weight (I've still been tracking, I haven't gone so far overboard that 10lbs of fat is possible), I still feel disappointed with  myself.

I've found myself in a very familiar habit which is eating only a little during the day, all healthy, and then eating everything in sight at night. This pattern has haunted me for years but during prep, I was on top of it! I ate well throughout the day to fuel my workouts and found myself much less hungry and munch-y at night. It should not have taken me two weeks to notice bad habits creeping back in. And, in all honesty, I saw the signs earlier but then we were away for the weekend or my husband was done work early or fill in any other excuse for slacking on my diet here!

The point is, I look in the mirror and the logical side of me is well aware that I am not fat but I find myself focusing on my less flat belly a lot. And that tells me right away that I need to get back on track. I am HUGE believer in dealing with weight at the 5-15lb gain, not waiting till it feels too huge to even begin tackling. So despite my previous post that I was feeling motivated because of the #BPIBESTSELF contest, I clearly wasn't totally in the game! Oh well, this is only week 2 of the challenge and I have lots of time to improve and get myself back to where I like to be.

(pretty much me the past few days!)

Being comfortable in your skin is great. Being comfortable with habits that don't serve you well isn't. Starving all day to overeat at night is familiar to me, but not helpful. Trying to outrun a bad diet is comfortable to me but doesn't help me reach my goals. So I'm getting out of the comfortable but useless habits so I can get back to being comfortable in my skin!

How do you get back on track?

What habits do you have that are comfortable but not helpful?

How do you break bad habits?

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