Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Workout Wednesday - more bootcamping!

Here's another example of a bootcamp style workout I did a few weeks back. Again, this circuit style workout targets your whole body and gives you a credit cardio workout at the same time. This is a long tough one, so don't stress if it's too much or you don't have time for all it, the reason I show workouts is so that you can see some ideas and then make it with for you!

4 rounds

10 explosive bench push ups 

15 kettle swings 25lbs

Obliques (hit them any way you want!) 

4 rounds 

10 steps ups (onto a bench, kick the free leg bag and squeeze your glutes!)

25 Tricep dips 

Abs (again, hit them however you want!) 

4 rounds 

30 low squat jumps (see last week for details!)  

10 delt flye 

15 Reverse curls 

Abs (you know the drill) 

4 rounds 

15 skull crushers 

Calf jumps (stay on your toes and stay low) 


4 rounds 

12 reverse abductions (I need to do a video of this but get on the abduction machine backwards - ignore the strange looks! - and use your glutes to push the pads out. Jaime Baird has a great video of this and I'll try to create a link here with it.) 

15 Jack squats (staying low, do jumping jacks but staying in a squatted position) 

15 dumbbell rows 


4 rounds 

15 half bicep curls (5 lower half, 5 upper half, 5 full curl) 

Jump rope (sweat!)

15 lateral raise 


This is a tough, long workout but if you get through it, guaranteed you'll be sweating and feeling super proud of yourself! And you'll definitely have gotten a good full body strength and cardio workout! 

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