Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Workout Wednesday

It's been awhile since I've posted a Workout Wednesday, partly because I do sell workouts, but also because my workouts have been so specific to my goals that I didn't want anyone just grabbing them to mimic

But now, between shows, I'm doing some really fun circuit/bootcamp style Wednesday workouts (how convenient that they actually do happen on Wednesdays!) and I wanted to share then with y'all! 

Here's the first circuit/bootcamp style workout::

6 rounds
5 explosive incline push ups (on bench, push off the bench between each one)  
30 low squatted jumps (get in a low wide squat, think of how a kid would squat, and jump, staying low)  
20 abs (any ab moves)

4 rounds 
10 squat jumps (get into a squat, jump up explosively and land back in a deep squat)
25 tricep dips 
Bench abs to fail (twists and bicycles on the bench, target lower abs) 

5 rounds 
12 Reverse abduction (get on the abduction machine backwards so your knees are on the leg rests and your facing the seat. From there, push your legs out using your outer glutes) 
10 kettle bells swings with squeeze at top
Floor abs (any mix of abs to exhaustion)

4 rounds 
15 Abduction (regular use of abduction machine)  
Calf jumps (stay low, and on your toes)
Bicep 15s (curl up half way for 5 reps, do the top half the curl for 5 reps, do 5 full curls) 
Abs (again, anything you like just exhaust yourself!)

Circuit style workouts like this let you hit your body quickly and effectively and give you a good cardio hit at the same time! (See below, I'm getting my sweat on!)

Stay tuned for more workouts next week! 

Do you like circuit style training?

What's your favorite way to break a sweat?

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