Monday, June 16, 2014

Motivated Mondays - the scale got me!

For a long time now I have been regularl scale user. I admit it. I step on at least once a day, sometimes more (usually after a super hard workout to see if I actually lost water weight from sweating - this is actually useful to know if, like me, you're a serious sweater because you can actually become dehydrated but I digress). The other day I found myself going a little crazy with the scale. Something had to change.

When I decided to do a fitness competition, I made a few rules for myself in the hopes of avoiding the pitfalls some people experience post-show. For one, I didn't gorge myself with a huge meal after or in the days after. I definitely ate more casually, and included candy and cereal (things I did not touch at all during prep) but I didn't do any kind of big binge-ing or anything. I also didn't buy any new clothes for two weeks on either side of the show because I didn't want to get too attached to my stage size and feel like a fatty for gaining a pound or two and finding my new clothes snug. I also only weighed myself every 3-4 days at most.

And then I was weighing myself everyday. And since I was deliberately eating more, gaining a bit of weight (see why here), seeing the numbers go up and then down and up and down and all around started making me crazy. I started weighing myself a lot - more than everyday - and it began to affect me. It determined if I felt fat or fit that day. It determined how hard I worked out. It was out of control.

I made a promise to myself to wait 2 weeks to weigh myself again. And I made it just over a week, and I gave in and then felt disappointed in myself for weighing slightly more than I had before. So today, I hid the scale. I always tell my clients to avoid the scale for 2 weeks to a month when they are in weight loss mode because it can be so fickle and it's just one way to measure success. And then I made that mistake myself - I know I am changing my body right now, there are things I am working on for my next show that might mean some weight gain before weight loss again so really, the scale doesn't matter. Does. Not. Matter.

And until I can remember that, the scale is getting hidden.

Are you a scale addict?

What tools do you use to measure success in diet/weight loss?


  1. I am going to re-hide it so you can't find it and not tell you where it is until after I come home!

    1. You'd have to find it first! It's well hidden! haha But honestly, the second I did it, I felt better. When I worked out today, I didn't obsess over calories burned or anything, I was back to focusing on feeling stronger than I had the day before and pushing myself. I am not touching the scale again until at least July...maybe longer!