Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Why should women do pull-ups?

If you're heavily into fitness, you probably already know how great body weight moves like push-ups, chin-ups and pull-ups are for building strength and agility.

But a lot of women are super intimidated by these moves. I can't count the number of women I've worked with and known that they say they just can't do these moves. 

Here's the truth: you can! It will take time. It will take building strength. But you can do it. Start with push-up variations and work your way to full push-ups. Start with assisted pull-ups and chin-ups, working your way to doing them unassisted. Add some weight based strength training to your routine as well to further build muscle. And yes, I'd be lying if I said your own body weight doesn't matter because it IS easier to do these body weight moves when you have proportionally less body weight to move. I'm not saying diet like crazy just to do a pull-up! But fuel your body with healthy foods in the right amount for you so that you find yourself at a healthy, strong weight. 

Why should you bother doing all this? I mean it's just a pull-up right? Sure it is. But the first time you successfully do a full chin-up or wide grip pull-up, I guarantee you'll feel like superwoman! And that's a feeling we all deserve!

Can you do body weight moves?

Are you intimidated by them?

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