Thursday, June 12, 2014

Think About It Thursday - Your Easy Weight

What's your easy weight? Your easy weight is that place your body naturally goes without you doing much. This can vary a lot for every person but also within each persons life.

In college, my easy weight was about 160lbs. Without exercise, or minding my food intake, this is where I sat easily. After college, my easy weight was more like 140-145lb. What changed? Well my life now included awareness of my food and some exercise. I still consider this an easy weight because this where my body sat naturally when I worked out only as much as I wanted too, when I ate healthy but had some indulgences and without what I considered extra effort. Working out and paying attention to portions was now part of my life - it was easy.

I don't know what my new norm will be. I checked in on stage at 136lbs, 13% body fat. That wasn't easy! However, the great thing about our bodies is that if we can push through homeostasis to change them, we can also create a new homeostasis where they stay easily at a lower weight/body fat. 

So right now I'm working on increasing my metabolic capacity by slowly upping my carbs and calories. I'm tapering back my cardio workouts. I want to know how much I can't eat and how little cardio I can do and still stay at this weight. Can I make this my new easy weight?

Stay tuned as I improve my metabolism and strive to create a new easy weight! 

What's your easy weight? 

Do you feel like maintaining your body is a constant battle? 

Have you improved your metabolic capacity? 

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