Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another Great Read - Is your closet making you feel bad?

A blogger and trainer I have followed for several years now posted a really interesting blog post the other day. Kyra, the Get In Shape Girl, wrote about after training CrossFit for several years now, her body is very different than it was when she was competing in bikini and training circuits, weights and cardio. Kyra talks about her love for CrossFit regularly and how amazing she feels when she accomplishes a strength feat she couldn't before but that as a result, her muscles are bigger - stronger legs, wider back, bigger butt. And that as a result, certain clothes just don't fit the same way. To combat feeling badly about herself for getting stronger, but also bigger, she finally decided to part ways with an offending pair of shorts that she used to love and now make her feel uncomfortable and self-conscious.

Frankly, I LOVED this post! I think we all have those clothes that fit so well at one point and then doesn't fit so well and we hang on to them thinking that we will be that size again, or we will lose that weight or whatever it would take to fit into those clothes again. The funny thing is, often even if we do fit into those clothes again, it doesn't feel as good as it did the first time. For one, body composition changes - just because you can fit into something, doesn't mean it flatters the way it used too. Second, fashion changes so much! I can't count the number of times I have gone to put on clothes that I used to love, that maybe I fit into again after a long time, only to find that the style doesn't appeal to me anymore, or isn't at all in style or just doesn't make me fee good like the clothing used too.

When you go into your closet, are you surrounded by clothes you love and confidently wear? Or are you punishing yourself by holding onto clothes that make you feel awkward, fat, or just uncomfortable? Let it go! If it doesn't fit now and hasn't for awhile now, let it go. If putting it on makes you feel unattractive, let it go. If not fitting into something makes you feel bad or like you failed, let it go! Your clothes should not have this hold over you!

Do you hold onto clothes hoping they will fit again?

What's one thing you held onto forever only to hate once it fit again?

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