Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Been a little MIA lately!

Last week was my birthday and my parents were visiting as well and I admit, totally dropped the ball on blogging anything! I had a wonderful birthday and visit with my parents. Birthdays always make me think about what I want to accomplish for the year and although I have accomplished one of my big goals for the year (competing in bikini), there are several goals I haven't tackled yet and I've added competing again to the list of goals!

I had some seriously delicious meals with my parents, worked out a little but mostly just enjoyed a little down time because now, I am back in prep! I am competing twice in November (once in TX and once in Canada) and I am starting a very slow prep towards those shows. I want to do things a bit differently this time - more carbs, less cardio, more flexible, less control over my life. I am really happy with how my first prep went but each time I want to compete with less stress and more focus on balance. If I want to continue competing for the long haul, it has to be something that fits into my life, not becomes my whole life! I have a family and friends to think of too and I need balance so that I can happily maintain those relationships while still prepping.

So far, I am handling my prep on  my own. I am studying nutrition so I know the food side pretty well. I am also a certified personal trainer so I think I can handle a lot of the training side myself too. To make competing sustainable, it can't cost an arm and leg each time so I am teaching myself to do stage make up and hair as well. I am not afraid to ask for help but I am trying to implement my knowledge and what I learned prepping the first time. In the future, I would love to help others reach the stage but I am not ready to help anyone else until I have mastered prepping for myself first.

So with new goals on the horizon and new plans, I am feeling really motivated!

What are your goals for the second half of the year?

What's keeping your motivated?

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