Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A change of plans

Up until last week,  my plan was to compete twice more in November, once in Texas and once in my hometown of Vancouver BC. Last week, I received an email saying that the date of my Texas show was moved up a week. Aside from losing one week of precious training and dieting time, it also now presented an extra challenge with regards to my work schedule. I have to plan my flying time around events in my life, while still trying to keep my trips to Canada to work (flying) to a minimum.

Almost immediately I thought "I think I'll put off competing until 2015". This surprised me because I had been really excited about being on stage again but I also realized that if I wanted to achieve my goals with regards to competing with the NPC, I needed a real off season. I needed to build some muscles up and I needed to slowly, and healthfully take off a fair bit more fat. My goal for this next round of competing was and still is balance. I want to fit competing into my life, not live around the shows. Taking a long off season will allow to me enjoy the events I have coming up in my life while still working towards my goals for the stage. It will also mean that my competition season will be March through June each year, giving me a long off season each year and leaving summers free to enjoy with my family.

It was and still is hard to think of not competing again this year but I know that a true off season is what I need to achieve what I really want...and to ensure that my life isn't just about the gym and meal prep!

Adjusting your goals is not the same as giving up on them. If we stay rigid to goals that no longer work for us, we go crazy and often, end up not achieving the goal or not enjoying it when we do. When I see everyone on Instagram competing, I know I will have the itch to be tanned up and leaned down and to join them on stage, but I will also know that by taking more time, I will bring my very best to the stage next time! And that's what my new goal is!

Don't be afraid to change your plans, life is fluid and constantly changing!

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