Thursday, August 7, 2014

What if you're already perfect?

So often when I help people with diet or training plans, they give me excuses like "I don't have time" or "it's harder for me" or "I am really busy at work" or any other myriad of reasons why they can't do this and the plan won't work. The truth is, these are excuses. But what if the real reason we make excuses is that we don't really want or need to change?

Think about how much time you've spent wanting or trying to lose the last 10lbs? What if you allowed yourself to accept that you'd rather spend an extra hour a day with your kids instead of in the gym? What if you didn't beat yourself up for feeling that way? What if instead of criticizing yourself for bailing on your paleo diet at a restaurant, you accepted that trying new foods with your spouse or friends is more important to you than sticking rigidly to whatever the diet trend de-jours is? Would it be so awful if you never lost the weight? Would your life really be horrible if you kept you belly rolls, or your thighs keep rubbing together or you always wear a double digit dress size instead of a single digit one? The excuses we use to avoid changing our training/diet plans often indicate exactly where we get our real happiness from - maybe it's time with family and kids, maybe it's your job, maybe it's reading. Who knows? But the things you choose to do instead of strictly following a diet or training plan, those are probably the things you actually want to do - and what's so wrong with doing what you want?

The fact is, society tells us that we all have to look a certain way. Lately, we even more inundated with fitspo pictures saying "strong is the new sexy" like that's the only way to be pretty, beautiful and sexy but it isn't! You already are amazing, gorgeous, interesting and yes, sexy. What if this year, you stopped fighting yourself? What if you treated yourself well and loved yourself just exactly how you are today? What if you stressed less and enjoyed more?

You might just find out that you're already perfect.


  1. Great post. It might mean less work for you, but it might make for happier people around you. We all need to remember that none of those models look like that in real life. Real life is not photoshopped; it just is and it is fabulous if we let it be. I'm like everyone else often thinking that a little less weight, a new dress, longer legs etc etc will take away the problem of the day, or the month and my life will be perfect. Life doesn't care about those things and as long as I am strong and healthy that's all that really matters

    1. Life, and the people who love don't care about those things. Sure, if your health is out of line, then yes, people care but for most of us, we're obsessing over 5-20lbs that only we ever notice. I know Sean doesn't care if I weight 120 or 150 as long as I'm happy and healthy. How many meals and events have I missed over my life worrying about that crap? Yes, I still can't want to compete again and that may mean skipping some meals out but I am striving for balance, not obsession! Thanks for reading and commenting!