Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Another Great Read - Weight loss isn't going to look like you think it will.

When you decide to lose weight, you might think of an end date, a goal, when you will look perfect. You may have in your head an image of what perfect looks like - maybe a fitness model, or a fashion model or some friend of yours.

The harsh reality...you'll look like you, just smaller. And some things don't change - cellulite will lessen, but it won't disappear. You will probably find wrinkles you didn't have before (fat keeps the skin tight). Your breasts will be smaller and probably, a little lower. Clothes your loved won't fit and while that means you're getting smaller, it also means facing the stores and spending your hard earned money on new stuff (fun for some, hell for others).

When I told my husband I wanted to do a fitness competition, I tried to sell him on the idea that if I prepped from the day I suggested it to the day of the show (his birthday), I would be able to go for dinner on his bday and my gift would be a porn star body! (sorry mum!) But really, my husband doesn't care what I look like, he likes what he sees no matter what. But more than that, I didn't look like what I thought I would look like on the day of the show. I didn't look "perfect" in my mind. I still saw fat, flaws and things I wanted to change. I had a very hard time seeing my success even when others could see it. I thought I would automatically look like the gorgeous Jamie Middleton Eason or Amanda Latona. I assumed I would perfectly fit the image of fitness model that I had in my mind.

The truth is, I looked like me, but smaller. A few more muscles, a little less cellulite, a lot less boob and a few more wrinkles. That's the truth. Am I still working on creating the body I want? Of course. This post isn't too say don't try or forget it. Even if you don't look a certain way, you're body is still healthier when you exercise and eat right and that's pretty freaking important too. But if you're exercising and dieting only to look a certain way,you may end up feeling disappointed with the results. Train for health, strength and longevity and then sit back and enjoy your new body, however it looks because you deserve to feel great, you just need to remember that you'll always look like you...and that's a great thing!

Check out this link for an honest view on weight loss and the depression that can follow!

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