Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Where the heck am I?

After making the decision not to compete this year, I found myself feeling a bit lost. I was happy with the decision but for so long I had been single-minded about stepping on stage and furthering my competing career and all of a sudden, I wasn't so focused. And truthfully, I haven't known what I to do with myself a lot of the time.

I want to find a balance between competing and normal life. I don't want competing to be my life, just like I don't want to always talk about fitness or what you should be eating or how to lose a few pounds or what body part I am working out today. I've found myself not even wanting to get school work done because it's just another focus on food and frankly, I wanted a break.

But that break has gone on long enough. I NEED to get school work done! Haha! But I also want to refocus on finding that elusive balance between being quite lean (which is the look I like for my body) and being able to eat out with my husband, have a few drinks and not obsess if I miss a day at the gym. It's a process and something I am working on and I think sometimes I get extra burnt out because not only do I work out for myself and as my passion, I also study it and am studying nutrition so it's a huge part of my life and something that people often want to talk to me about. For the rest of this year, I am going to be focusing on building up other parts of my life too so I don't end up feeling so burnt out and overwhelmed.

Sorry for being so MIA, but I needed a break!

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