Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Help! Thanksgiving week!

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving and while there is lots to be thankful for, there's also a lot of extra calories to be worked off! I am going away to visit family this year and I don't know what, if any, exercise I will be able to fit in. I don't intend to miss out on family time just to work out!

So all this week leading up to Thanksgiving, I am getting in some extra sweat sessions. I am doing two-a-day workouts to burn some extra calories and give myself some breathing room when it comes to eating on the actual day (who wants to skip the sides??). Now you don't have to obsess over burning every extra calories but a simple way to avoid holiday weight gain is to get in a little extra exercise when time permits so you don't have to worry about missing workouts when time doesn't permit.

Are you staying active this week?

Do you stay active on Thanksgiving day?

Will you be eating whatever you want or sticking to your diet on Thanksgiving?

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