Thursday, November 6, 2014

Holiday Help!

It's that time again! The holidays have begun and like I remind everyone every year, the average person gains 2-5lbs of weight over the holiday season which isn't a huge amount but it is when you factor in that most people never lose that weight! That can really add up!

Whether you made it through Halloween without going nuts (I did - not one single Halloween candy this year!) or not, you've still got time to have a healthy holiday season. Find a goal - a 5k, a fitness competition, a group of friends losing weight together and make a plan to stick to it. Make a plan - are you losing, maintaining or accepting a small gain this season? Make the plan, and focus on how you'll feel when you stick to your goal ('ll feel great!).

Of course you don't need to abstain from every treat this year but include some exercise, choose your indulgences and feel great in January!

Stay tuned for Holiday Help all season long!

Whats's your biggest challenge during the holidays?

Do you stay on your eating plan or go all out?

What topics would you like me to cover?

1 comment:

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