Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holiday Help! Help the Host!

This time of year is FILLED with holiday parties and it can be really hard to stick to your eating plan when you aren't in charge of what food is served. That being said, you can certainly help both the host of the party and yourself by offering to bring something. Everyone loves help when they are throwing a party and no one wants to show up empty handed (your mother taught you better than that!)

Offer to bring something and than make something super healthy (bonus points if no one can tell it's healthy and everyone scarfs it down!). Bring veggies and dip, or hummus and pita, or salad, or a healthy dessert. This way, if everything is unhealthy at the event, you know at minimum the item your brought is healthy and you can enjoy everything else in moderation.

Be the great guest and the healthy guest by bringing something healthy to eat!

What is your go-to party food?

Do you bring a healthy dish to gatherings?

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