Friday, March 20, 2015

International Happiness Day!

(I thought this had published awhile March 20th, the actual international happiness day.  Oh well, trying again!)

Apparently that's today! I don't need another reason to focus on all the great things that make me happy but I'll take it! 

What makes me happy? 

Family of course!

Awesome friends! 

Traveling! I picked my job after discovering my love of traveling (which I think I inherited my grandma who we called Presh; her whole life, she was all about seeing the world. She even went to places like Iran, Israel during fighting, the arctic and Antarctic!). I love culture shock, being out of my element and seeing something brand new to me! That moment when you realize how big and yet how small the world is through travel? Happiness. 

Fitness and health! They say look good, feel good but I think it's the other way. When you eat for your goals, train hard and break a sweat often, you feel good and feeling good makes you look great! 

What makes you happy? 

Happy International Happiness Day!  

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