Thursday, March 12, 2015

Long Time Gone

Ok...I totally disappeared again! Who knew having a blog could be awesome and still lots of work! I have been going through a few personal things, as well as trying (still!) to find the right balance between fitness, health, regular life, relationships etc. I think I am getting there but I am work in progress!

I started a great program (The Fitness Trainer Academy) to further my personal training certifications and I have found it has given me a renewed focus to make this blog about more than just my fitness journey, but also to provide education and information (I am a certified trainer, working on two more certifications and a MSc of Holistic Nutrition student - I will share what I know but will always stay true to when something I share is my view or opinion versus fact).

So with that said, thank you to those who've checked in to see if I've posted, even when I haven't and I really hope you'll check back for more posts going forward, both about my newest fitness endeavors and and for fitness and health info!

And I wanted to leave with one of my fav songs since it fits so well:


  1. Yay. Welcome back. Looking forward to more integrated fitness and health information

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