What Can I Offer You?


One time consult:
1) Nutrition - $25
2) Fitness - $25
3) Combo - $40
You track for 2 weeks honestly, using My Fitness Pal and I evaluate and offer guidance and advice to meet your goals.

On-going/ month (generic plans):
1) Nutrition - 30
2) Fitness - 30
3) Combo - 45

On-going/ month (custom plans) (1m/2m/3m)
1) Nutrition - 50/45/35
2) Fitness - 50/45/35
3) Combo - 65/60/50

Monthly packages include:
1) weekly/bi-weekly weigh-in (frequency is up to you but we set it together when you start)
2) bi-weekly photos
3) txt, email and phone access
4) access to private Facebook page
5) accountability and support

In-Person Training: (Austin area, limited access in Calgary and Vancouver):
40/session (individual price)
30/ session (pack of 4-10)
25/ session (pack 10+)

Single purchase items - $20 each or bundle them for savings (2 for $30, 3 for $35)
- Work That Body Workout (whole body circuit - gym needed)
- Another Day, Another Body Part Workout (one week body split workouts (gym needed)
- Pull Your Weight (bodyweight circuit - no equipment needed, great for at home and in hotels)
- Bootylicious Workout (glute specific training)
- AB-solutely Fabulous Workout (core specific training)
- Suns Out Guns Out Workout (arm specific training)
- Run This Town Workout (intro to running)
- What's For Dinner Meal Plan (one week sample diet)
- We Need WHAT? (grocery list)

I am always adding new workouts and changing things up! If you don't see the right thing for you here, please message me and I will be happy to work with you to reach your goals!

(prices subject to change at any time)

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